64HDD Details

64HDD is a low-cost alternative to purchasing a Hard Drive for your Commodore™ (C64, C128, Plus4/C16 or Vic20).

64HDD works with "images" of real Commodore disks and tapes. These images are created by transferring the data from a real disk/tape to a standard file format. Typical disk images are known as D64 files. Typical tape images are known as T64 files. There are many programs available that will let you transfer your data, and many websites that host archived D64 files.

The 64HDD software lets you connect your Commodore computer to the LPT port of a PC using a standard X1541 or XE1541 transfer cable. For a faster connection a special PwrLoader parallel cable can be used to speed things up by as much as 30-50times.

Once configured, your Commodore can have access your data which is safely stored and backed-up on the PC without having to fiddle about with dozens of floppies and old floppy disk drives.

In addition to using your PC's hard disk, you can access its CDROMs, USB drive, Real-Time-Clock, etc. The PC system can be any standard 386/486/Pentium etc. 64HDD runs under MSDOS (or a DOS-Box on some Win9x systems) but may not run under Windows 2000, NT or XP unless they have an alternate DOS boot configured or a Direct-IO driver. If you are stuck using a non-DOS system such as Win2k/XP/NT or Linux, 64HDD is also avaible on bootable CD-ROM.

64HDD supports D64, D71, D81, T64, LNX images and also the Native MSDOS file system. The MSDOS mode even supports Commodore 16-character filenames in Win95 LongFileName format if the LFNFILES plug-in (v1.55 upgrade) (125kb) has been installed. You can even command the PC's 3.5" floppy drive to read /write 1581 disks using Womo's 1581COPY.

The full freeware download includes utilities and test software, as well as 64Xplor (a cross-platform file Explorer for C64/C128/C16/Plus4/Vic20 machines and works with real and 64HDD drives).

GEOS64 is supported via a custom kernal disk driver. Utilities are included in the driver download to provide time and date support as well as a disk ShortCuts tool for jumping between D64's containing your GEOS collection.

You can compare 64HDD to the other HDD options (31kb, in PDF format), or follow these links to to see a comparison of LOAD or SAVE times of 64HDD on my 386sx33 against other standard drives.

To download the freeware version click here . To read about the Professional version click here .

64HDD inside 1571

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64HDD in 1571 (cover-off)