64HDD Free Registration

Registration is required to use 64HDD, but don't worry - its free for Alpha and Beta versions before version 1.0

How do I register?

Registration is as simple as clicking here and filling out a form. An automated reply will send you the registration key which you will need to include on the command-line when starting 64HDD. Only one registration per version update is needed.

Why have registration?

Registration has been introduced for a number of reasons:

64HDD Worldwide Usage
  • So I can gather information about the type of usage 64HDD is getting. I would like know where 64HDD is being used, with which CBM machines, and what sort of PC hardware is being used. It would also be handy to know which features and plug-ins are being used.
  • So I can share information about who is using 64HDD with other potential users and perhaps help grow the user-base. No details will be shared except for the world map showing the number of users in each country.
  • Though I have received hundreds of emails, I really have no idea about how many people use 64HDD and how many have just browsed the website.