X-Cable Types Supported by 64HDD

This page describes the cable types that 64HDD can use. The two cable types are part of a larger family of PC to CBM cables, collectively called X-Cables. My personal preference is to use the XE1541 cable as this will safely work on all PC computer types. This cable also works with a variety of other CBM-PC disk-copying tools.

If you do not have such a cable already then you can build one using the diagrams below, or order one through me. You can also have the X-Cable functionality built into one of the faster parallel cables offered in the shop .

Note: the XM and XA1541 cables are not as yet supported. Until support is available you can modify your XM cable by swapping two wires on the Commodore plug (DATA and RESET). Some people have modified their cable with a switch to allow it to operate as both types. If you are thinking that you need to buy an XA cable to protect your modern PC, but already have an XE cable; then try the XE first as it will not do any damage (according to the designers), and it may work anyway!

X1541 (basic wiring): - this cable uses simple wiring and the O/C capability of earlier LPT ports. The cable connects the PC's LPT port to the Commodore's serial port (on the computer or drive). Not all newer computers have O/C ports and the use of this simple cable will damage these LPT ports.

If in doubt, use the XE1541 cable.

XE1541 (diode protection): - this cable is an enhancement of the basic X1541 cable and uses 4 diodes to isolate the cross-wiring between input and output connections. This cable is recommended for newer LPT ports (for example those which can be configured in multiple modes).

The cable will only work if the diodes are connected in the correct direction.