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If you are looking to order the 64HDD Professional software click here, or for DriveGhost software click here

These pages list items that I can have built for 64HDD users. In most cases, the commonly available X1541 or XE1541 cable is all the user needs to get started. However, for ultimate performance why not try a parallel cable, ROM upgrade or other enhancement. All products are 100% tested with all operating modes of 64HDD.

Most items are usually completed with 24-72hrs from when payment is received, and posted soon after. You will receive regular email to update you on the status of your order.

You can also contact me if you need particular parts supplied as a kit to build the projects yourself. I can also get access to specialised prototype PCBs that suit either the Userport or expansion port connectors. A number of services are also offered including EPROM burning and 1541 disk transfers.

Payment options:

Pricing is in US$ and I can accept PayPal, US and EURO cash. A small discount is available if paying direct to bank account in A$ or when posting within Australia. Email questions about orders to 64HDD.

PayPal and Credit Card orders can be made by clicking these payment button.

Unsure of who I am when it comes to buying from me? Then check my eBay Feedback. I'm usually a buyer, but do also sell some stuff there too.


All items are sent airmail. Shipping prices quoted are for individual items. Postage is reduced if ordering multiple items, just ask for a quote. Insurance is extra, if required (however the postal service does provide some loss coverage).