Commodore™ C64: PC Tools

This page lists some of the PC tools I use to develop or support my Commodore projects. Some may also be useful for you. There are technical tools, as well as simple tools to let you list the contents of disk images etc.

Useful Tools for the PC:

  • CBMDISK (40kb) is a PC DOS program that displays the contents of a D64, D71, D81 or D2M disk image to the screen (now upgraded to use a pseudo-Commodore font). The output can also be re-directed to a file for storage or printing. Additionally a map of the disk error information can be produced if an error-extended disk image is being viewed.
  • CBMBASIC (34kb) is a PC DOS program that displays the contents of a CBM BASIC file saved in raw commodore format (eg. PRG). It has tokens definitions for BASIC 2, 3.5 and 7.0. (now upgraded to use a pseudo-Commodore font)
  • CBMCART (32kb) is a PC DOS program that displays the details of a CRT cartridge image (used by some emulators) and allows the file contents to be extracted as ROM files for burning into real EPROMs
  • IEC-CRO (38kb) is a PC DOS based program that displays /logs the activity on a X1541 equipped LPT port. If you have a fast enough PC you will be able to accurately observe the IEC bus signals.

    Prototyping Expansion Board

    Digital Works Software

  • DigitalWorks Models (88kb) is a collection of CBM related macros for the third party digital circuit simulator called DigitalWorks. Version 2 of this simulator was freeware and a copy can be downloaded here. Version 3 is commercial. The CBM related macros are coded for version 2 so that they are available to all users. Once your designs have been proven in the simulator, you can use an ExpansionPort prototyping board to evaluate them. This evaluation board was made by cutting a double-sided strip board to size, glueing a breadboard to the top and soldering a wiper socket strip to each track so that your wires can be pushed in.